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Dr. Romy’s Dance

Jerome Jacobs is a good son, student, and brother. He has known he wanted to become a doctor since he was a child, but the sudden death of his father has left the family struggling to pay his med school tuition. His mother wants him to come home and take a job with the education he has, but he is determined to become a doctor. His only viable solution is to moonlight as a male exotic dancer.

Sasha is a spoiled daddy’s girl who does everything to please her father. When her friends take her to the club where Jerome performs as a birthday gift, she finds herself drawn to him against her better judgment—and contrary to her father’s goals for her life. Her father’s disapproval leaves Sasha facing an ultimatum that could destroy both of their hearts.

Because Jerome’s life isn’t complicated enough, his mother sends his younger brother to stay with him with the hope Jerome will straighten him out. Instead, his incorrigible brother finds more trouble to get into—taking Jerome down a dark path he may not survive.

In this novel, a med student working as an exotic dancer to pay for his tuition and a spoiled, rich daddy’s girl fall unexpectedly in love, despite the many obstacles in their path.

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